Unfair Investigtation

As you go through this website consider this: What if these kinds of allegations were made against you (as a teacher, trainer or minister), and you were not told who was making the allegations and were not told what the allegations were. How could you defend yourself?  As you will see, that is what the SSSC Board and the CRT are doing to the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan (“SSS”).

The purpose of this website is to point out why the current investigation is unfair and how that can be fixed so that the process can continue to move forward and thereby get to the bottom of the allegations that have been made.

The AOB investigation of Yogi Bhajan was unfair and did not follow “Best Practices” because of the following reasons. (click on blue links below):

  1. No Representation of the Accused
  2. Anonymous Allegations
  3. Misrepresentation of “Best Practices”
  4. The Collaborative Response Team (CRT) Interfered with An Olive Branch “Independent” Investigation
  5. An Olive Branch (AOB) is Not Qualified to Conduct an Investigation

**Note:  after this web page was created, it was found that not only was the investigation unfair, it was also illegal.  Visit our illegal investigation page for details about that.  Following that, since there was an unfair and illegal investigation, what followed was a Bogus Report.

The primary contributors to this website are:

OngKar Kaur

OngKar first met SSS in 1969, when she was 5 years old. Her family was close to SSS and over the years, he stayed at her home many times.  She also had the opportunity to serve him for extended periods of time as an adult when he visited her community.  

When the firestorm of allegations against the SSS started to take place, it became apparent that no one was representing him and that the actions which were taking place were assuming he was guilty. As a Sikh, a seeker of truth, we learn that part of getting to the truth is looking at all sides.

OngKar started talking to dozens of people in our Dharma, many who were close to the SSS on a daily basis for many years.  Through her conversations, many people expressed that they felt disheartened and frustrated that the SSS was not being represented and that the only voices being heard were what was communicated directly from the CRT or on behalf of the accusers via social media.

She started digging into what a fair investigation should look like.  This website is a result of what she learned and is a forum for people to understand more about what a fair investigation entails.  OngKar also created the review of the “Bogus Report” done by AOB, using information she had collected for the prior 6 months.

Disclaimer:  OngKar works for Sikh Dharma International and her opinion does not represent the opinion of the Sikh Dharma International organization.

Guru Terath Singh

As a student of SSS and because of his extensive experience with investigations, early on in this process, Guru Terath Singh had deep concerns about how things were being handled.

His contribution to this website is in the form of speaking to the “Best Practices” of how investigations should be conducted, and how horribly wrong the AOB process was in conducting their “investigation”.

About Guru Terath Singh

Guru Terath Singh served as the Chancellor for Sikh Dharma for over 30 years. As a New Mexico State Prosecutor for 25 years, he was involved in thousands of investigations regarding whether the State should take action against the licenses of health care professionals – doctors, dentists, psychologists, as well as CPAs, real estate agents, etc. He was also a Judge for the State Public Education Dept. for 20 years in cases whether charges were brought against licensed teachers and administrators. The stakes were very high. There was the need to protect the public from offenders and there was the possibility of stripping innocent people of their livelihoods after years of education, training and practice. These investigations had to be done fairly and right.

He was also one of the first lawyers in the United States to represent multiple victims of priest sex abuse and was involved in a Federal Court lawsuit against the Catholic Church in Catholic New Mexico in the 1990’s.

In contrast to Guru Terath’s experience, the AOB, has done only two investigations, according to the CRT April 21, 2020 update:

“AOB has performed five projects for Buddhist organizations. Of the five projects, two were independent investigations, including interviewing students who reported harm and receiving testimony from supporters of their teacher and rebuttal witnesses.”