Anonymous Allegations

How can anyone respond to allegations when you don’t know what the allegations are?

Because there is no one representing the Siri Singh Sahib, there is no one who is told who the accusers are and what they are accusing him of.  In the best practices used for a fair investigation, much can be done to keep allegations from the public eye and avoid shaming and bullying the people making accusations.  What is required (and what happens in all fair investigations) is that once the investigators begin their work, they find out who the representative of the accused is (even if they are deceased) and once they receive the allegations from the accusers, they tell the representative of the accused who is making allegations and what the allegations are.

If the accused is no longer alive, their representative is told by the investigators what the allegations are and who is making them.  The representative of the accused then can understand what they are being accused of and tell the investigators to speak with “so and so” who may have knowledge of the relationship of the accuser to the accused, what the condition of the accused was at the time, where they were at the time, the schedule of whether the accuser was employed, had access to the accused, etc.  In this way, both the credibility of the claims and the credibility of the accuser’s story can be validated.  The individual representing the accused should have the interests of the accused in mind; typically the representative would be a family member, or an attorney familiar with the facts at the time.

During the April 2020 Khalsa Council meetings, Chrys Martin, the attorney for the SSSC was asked how any of us could address any accusations, say from a former staff member, if we did not know who was making the accusation and what the accusation was?  She replied that we all know who his staff were over the years and that we should just contact the investigators with ANY stories about ANY of the staff.  (REALLY???)  That’s the answer?  Contact the investigators and give character references (good or bad)—give them the dirt on everyone, since we don’t know who specifically to share information about??!!

Chrys even stated at the meeting that she does not know the complete list of accusations that AOB is investigating. And if she does not even know, how is anyone supposed to know? Are there accusations that have never been anywhere on the internet being investigated that no one will respond to because they don’t know they exist? And is what is on the internet consistent with what was told to AOB?

This can be fixed

This investigation should include a representative of SSS, who would be informed of the information needed to determine whether the allegations are true.