Mis-Truths in the SSSC Follow Up Letter

An unfair and illegal “investigation” yielded a bogus report against Yogi Bhajan.

Regarding the August 14, 2020 “Follow Up Letter”, sent by the SSSC, multiple sources confirm that there are many mis-truths being portrayed.  The following is actually the TRUTH:

The letter argues that the Pennsylvania District Attorney’s declined to prosecute AOB because “it did not appear that anyone in Pennsylvania was being investigated and that none of the activities under investigation occurred in Pennsylvania”. By this logic, AOB would have to be licensed in NM, CA and every other state where witnesses or the reporters are located.  AOB is not licensed in any of these states, nor do they meet the qualifications to even apply for a license.   So, no matter where the investigation occurred, it is illegal.     And this is not just a technical thing. States require professionals to be licensed to protect the public from people who do not have the minimum qualifications to do what they say they can do.

People are always represented after they die in investigations of what they did when they were alive – in car accidents where they die after causing  other people to be hurt, contract disputes, property disputes, etc. It happens every day. In fact the people appointed are called “personal representatives” of the deceased person.

If there was a code of secrecy about the sex, how could anyone know to give whatever information to AOB they may have known if they didn’t know what the allegations were? And none of this was on social media. In fact according to the Report, the extent of the investigation done with regard to the sex was to hear what the people making accusations said. That is where a real investigation begins, not where it ends.

The First Amendment does not cover churches when they hire outside people to do jobs – plumbers to fix backed up toilets in a Gurdwara, a building contractor to build a Gurdwara, CPAs to investigate financial records and private investigators to investigate behavior. They all need to be properly licensed. It does cover a church and licenses are not needed only if people INSIDE the church do these things – a maintenance man to fix the toilet and our own EPS investigative team to investigate complaints, etc. With this twisted logic, churches would not need to have building permits, building inspections, etc. when they build Gurdwaras.

And by the way, AOB is not part of the Zen Center. It is a for profit corporation.

The entire letter looks like it was written by lawyers who are trying to cover themselves after not doing their job of properly vetting AOB. It is wrong at every turn. And this is not legally complicated stuff.