Illegal Investigation

Having directed thousands of investigations as a New Mexico State Prosecutor for over 25 years, I was so impressed with AOB’s utter lack of professionalism and understanding of how to do a most basic investigation that I simply could not believe that they had ever been granted a required license to do investigations. So I checked. They are in Pittsburgh, and the State of Pennsylvania does require a license for anyone to do private investigations. What I discovered is that not only do they not have a license, they do not even have the minimum qualifications to apply for a license. In short, it is my opinion that what they are doing is illegal.

I do not know for sure what happened. But there are only 2 possibilities. The first is that our Leadership (sic) and their lawyers were not told by AOB when they were hired that they did not have a license and what they would be doing was against the law. Considering the enormous amount of money that they were going to make, it must have been easy for them to just shut up and not tell the Leadership and their lawyers that they did not have the required license and that the investigation would be illegal. The second is that they were told and the Leadership and lawyers just didn’t care that it was an illegal investigation.

I can only assume that at some point the Leadership and their attorneys became aware that AOB did not have a license and that the entire investigation was and is illegal. If there did come a time when they knew that the investigation was illegal, they then would have decided that they were so desperate to get a Report that they continued to direct and pay for this illegal investigation. Throughout history desperate people’s moral compass have been guided by the justification in their minds that the ends justify the means. But they never have, they never will and they do not here and now. If you have any doubt about this, ask CRT and the SSSC about their complicity in this illegal investigation. In their announced new age spirit of transparency, honesty and sharing, they need to tell you.

If the Report concludes that YB was a sexual predator, because of how incompetent, unfair and unprofessional the investigation was, the conclusions will simply not be credible or reliable. If because of additional information that AOB may have received that has not been made public, the Report concludes that it cannot say that YB was a sexual predator, because of how incompetent, unfair and unprofessional the investigation was, those conclusions will also not be credible or reliable.

Guru Terath Singh