About the CRT (Collaborative Response Team)

Who is the CRT?

In the February 18, 2020 email, which went out to our global community, this is what was said about the formation of the CRT.

Credible allegations concerning sexual misconduct by Yogi Bhajan have come forward. Our organizations take these allegations very seriously. We stand united against abuse of power, sexual abuse, any form of exploitation, and any use of sexuality as a vehicle for causing harm.
Our teachings guide us to look to the Truth and to seek the Truth with courage and commitment.  The undersigned are the members of the Collaborative Response Team that has been formed to officially represent our community organizations in this situation.  We are commissioning a third-party independent investigation to seek the truth and the extent of the allegations so that our members can feel secure and safe.

Members of the CRT include

  • SS Shanti Kaur – OPA
  • SS Sahej Singh – SSSC
  • MSS Nirvair Singh – KRI
  • SS Pritpal Kaur – 3HO
  • SS Gurujot Kaur – SDI, SSSC and Secretary General of Khalsa Council
  • MSS Daya Singh – KIIT (note:  in the original February 18 letter which was sent out via email, each member of the CRT, except Daya Singh signed the letter.  He later resigned from the CRT)

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