Analysis of AOB Report

This detailed Analysis of the AOB report was created through extensive input from the Students of Yogi Bhajan.  It demonstrates the many flaws and incompetency’s of the AOB report, and in our opinion, the result of which is that it cannot be taken seriously whatsoever in proving the allegations made against Yogi Bhajan are true.

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Here is this Analysis of the AOB report in English and broken down by section:

  1. Introduction
  2. Bogus & Illegal Investigation
  3. Lack of Credibility of the AOB “Investigation”
  4. Bias of Guilt in Findings
  5. Assessments of Credibility
  6. Credibility of Accusers Called into Question
  7. A Different Perspective
  8. Absurdity
  9. Rebuttals Not Included in the Report
  10. “Supporters” Disregarded
  11. Claims for Money
  12. Summary of What We Learned about AOB’s Process
  13. Interference in the Independence of the Investigation
  14. Misleading Information
  15. Statements of Bias which were out of the Scope of this “Investigation”
  16. An Example of a Fair and Legal Investigation
  17. Accountability

Yogi Bhajan once said that the two things that Sikhs do are Sadhana and taking advice from the Guru.

Soon after Pamela’s book “White Bird in a Golden Cage” came out, one Sikh was having a conversation with some friends and in that conversation, he referenced both the book and what a saintly man Yogi Bhajan was.  He then said “Let’s take a hukam”.  Here is the hukam he received on that day, February 20, 2020:


To some, the Lord has given silks and satins, and to some, beds decorated with cotton ribbons. Some do not even have a poor patched coat, and some live in thatched huts. ||1||

Do not indulge in envy and bickering, O my mind.
By continually doing good deeds, these are obtained, O my mind. ||1||Pause||

The potter works the same clay, and colors the pots in different ways.
Into some, he sets pearls, while to others, he attaches filth. ||2||

God gave wealth to the miser for him to preserve, but the fool calls it his own. When the Messenger of Death strikes him with his club, in an instant, everything is settled. ||3||

The Lord’s humble servant is called the most exalted Saint; he obeys the Command of the Lord’s Order, and obtains peace. Whatever is pleasing to the Lord, he accepts as True; he enshrines the Lord’s Will within his mind. ||4||

Says Kabeer, listen, O Saints – it is false to call out, “Mine, mine.”Breaking the bird cage, death takes the bird away, and only the torn threads remain. ||5||

How to Handle Slander with the Consciousness of a Teacher

Click here for a paper by Khalsa Council, October 2000