The SSSC ignored the publicized flaws of the unfair and ultimately illegal investigation which were pointed out to them early on.  They should have taken the steps necessary to ensure that a proper and fair investigation was conducted.  Because of their missteps, we now have an illegal report which stemmed from an improper and error ridden process, which directly resulted in damaging the reputation of Yogi Bhajan.

This report and the damning conclusion that resulted was instigated, directed, and supported by the SSSC, even against direct evidence that it was unfair and illegal.  We need to hold its members accountable.  We deserve to know who on the board supported this action and who did not.  Unfortunately, the process by which the report was approved was determined to be “confidential”, and we are denied knowing who was responsible.  It has not even been made public if there were resignations from the board as a result.  It appears that the board is determined not to acknowledge dissent or differing opinions, even among its own members.  And all of this while espousing honesty and transparency of the process.

Being hypocritical does not generate trust.