The section of the report alleging sex with multiple partners, is one of the most obscene and unbelievable claims.  There seems to be a group of 7 women who are making these and the other most salacious sexual claims; some of whom have made been proven to be non-credible or to have changed their stories over time, so there is much to question when considering the veracity of their accusations.

Page 54 of the report says:

“We note it would be difficult for other community members to have the opportunity to observe these events since access to Yogi Bhajan’s bedroom required passing through several doors, access was controlled by a staff person or Secretary, and the internal door could be locked from inside. However, without floor plans and room dimensions (which we requested but only partially received), we could not evaluate claims that there was not space in Yogi Bhajan’s bedroom for many people to participate in group sexual activities.”

The fact is that Yogi Bhajan’s bedroom in Los Angeles was super small and had a thin wall.  Other people slept in another room on the other side of that wall.  You could hear everything between his room and the other room.  AOB was given specific information about this.  They chose not to include this information in the report.  This information would have easily discredited the claim of orgies.

AOB interviewed dozens of supporters who were close to Yogi Bhajan and part of his household on a daily basis for many years, including staff members.  As these supporters started having interviews with AOB, it became apparent that AOB was asking one main question to everyone they interviewed, “What about orgies?  Did you ever see any or hear about any?”

It was shocking and laughable that the interviewer was even asking that question.  Every person who was asked, thought this was completely ridiculous, with maybe the exception of the 7 women accusers who purportedly took part in them, and whoever in the last few months, they told about it.  No one who was part of the community EVER saw or heard about this kind of activity.

Anyone who was ever around Yogi Bhajan, knows how many people were around him 24/7, 365 days a year.  There were kitchen staff, security, house care takers, family, guests and his many staff members. Many of these people called in to share information with AOB.   Even though AOB asked a standard question of all of these people, “whether they had ever seen or heard of orgies”, and they all said they NEVER did.

All the report says is:

“When queried about whether Yogi Bhajan had sex with multiple partners, no Supporters said they had observed or heard of this behavior.”

AOB proceeded to state that the behavior was more likely than not.

On page 68, the report says

“Even though many attended various gatherings to receive his teachings, not everyone was in his immediate, daily environment and so did not experience the proximity that the Reporters experienced. Further, even those who said they were in Yogi Bhajan’ s immediate environment – on guard duty, preparing and serving food, driving him to different locations, etc. – were not present behind closed doors where the most egregious harms allegedly were perpetrated.”

The above statement assumes that there were no supporters who “experienced the proximity that the reporters experienced,” which is simply not true.  Many supporters who had just as close “proximity” to Yogi Bhajan as the accusers did shared valuable information to question the credibility of the claims.

How is it that none of the supporters of Yogi Bhajan heard of any of this behavior, either during Yogi Bhajan’s lifetime, or in the last 16 years since his death?  Sexual orgies are not something which can take place without anyone hearing or seeing anything and if they did happen, could be kept quiet.  In our “Tell a Sikh” community, there’s no way people would not have known what was going on if there was a group sex/ orgy scene happening.

Anyone who knew what his day to day schedule was like, knows Yogi Bhajan had no time for this kind of behavior.  If you speak with anyone in his household staff, security detail and others who were part of daily life, they would tell you how busy he was; how tirelessly he worked day and night.  Between his schedule and his medical issues during the time period of many of these claims, he simply did not have the time, energy or ability for these kinds of activities.

As mentioned before, it does not appear that AOB confirmed that all the people who made the claims were ACTUALLY part of his staff or had the kind of access to him that they claim to have had.  The report also does not indicate that any information was checked as to Yogi Bhajan’s medical condition during the time of the claims, even though they were provided with extensive medical details which indicate he would not have been able to conduct many of the activities he was accused of at the time of the claims.

Since there was no representative of the accused and the claims were anonymous, anyone could say anything and no one could refute what they were saying.  If this was a true investigation, as opposed to simply taking statements from accusers as if they are true, much could have been shared to bring to light that this kind of behavior more than likely DID NOT happen.

Given the information shared above, and the complete lack of corroborated or verified evidence to prove that these claims did occur, the AOB should have concluded that it was more likely than not that these behaviors did not happen, or at the very least, inconclusive.