The Thompson Report

This website shows the steps taken by Students of Yogi Bhajan, which demonstrate the irresponsibility of the Siri Singh Sahib Corp (SSSC) in commissioning an incompetent “investigation” into allegations against Yogi Bhajan.

  1. Unfair “Investigation” in May 2020
  2. Illegal “Investigation” in July 2020
  3. Mistruths from the SSSC in August 2020
  4. Analysis of the AOB Report in September 2020
  5. The Thompson Report in December 2020
  6. Complaints against the SSSC filed with the EPS Office in February 2021

The Thompson Report was sent to the SSSC by Guru Amrit Singh Khalsa, on December 31, 2020:

Siri Singh Sahib Corp,

Because of the SSSC board’s repeated refusal to agree to my requests to obtain an independent, outside analysis of the fairness and legality of AOB’s “investigation”, and because this matter was and is so critically important, I reached out to the Pennsylvania Association of Licensed Investigators (PALI) to get their opinion.  After discussions with several past and present members of the PALI Board, they recommended Ms. Barbara Thompson as being highly qualified to provide such an independent analysis. Ms. Thompson is both a lawyer and an experienced investigator in Pennsylvania. The attached report is Ms. Thompson’s analysis of the AOB Report. 

Guru Amrit S. Khalsa
Former SSSC Board Member

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